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Peer to Pier: Ecotourism & Birding in Tobago

Every eco-lodge has its own story and every proprietor a unique motivation, Meg Pier continues her Peer to Pier interview series in Tobago with Ean Mackay of Adventure Eco Villas.

Meg Pier: When did you open Adventure Eco Villas?

Ean Mackay: My father started Adventure Farm in 1972. His concept was to plant every type of tree that was on the island, mainly fruit trees. However, over the years we’ve had challenges with bush fires so farming is really not a profitable venture.

When I retired from running two of the hotels I had opened, I started the eco project. For many years it was just myself and my wife and my family enjoying it. But a few years ago we opened it up to the public, to sustain the property. I went into ecotourism and agrotourism.

We have the farm, which attracts the birds and all the wildlife. We built two villas, which give visitors to the island an opportunity to experience Tobago’s natural habitat.

We have schools coming here as well–we try to help the next generation to save the environment. And the kids here are very enthusiastic.

Meg: Speak of birds, what was that we just heard?

Ean: That’s a Chachalaca. It’s our national bird of Tobago. It’s like a large pheasant or a small turkey.