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CONTEST: New Rules vs. Old Rules

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We’re tallying the votes and announcing the winner of the contributor contest first thing tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we’re launching our next January/February contest. 

We all know travel has changed in the past decade and the rules are evolving every day. In honor of Peter’s latest book, New Rules of Road,  on sale this week in paperback and e-book, here are a few of Peter’s new rules:

Old Rule: You have to get on plane to take a vacation.
New Rule: Get in the car. On one tank of gas, you can have hundreds of adventures. Case in point, see chapter 8 of New Rules of the Road.

Old Rule: Having a travel agent plan your trip will get you access to unpublished rates.
New Rule: Pick up the phone and negotiate those rates for yourself. Call an airline for unpublished flights, speak to a hotel’s manager to negotiate the best rate. You never know until you ask.

Old Rule: When you take a cruise, you pay for it all up front.
New Rule: Cruises extras and excursions add up. Book your own excursion to experience the shore like a local and save significantly.

Now, we’re challenging you to tell us how travel is changed for you. Share with us your old to new rules for a chance to win a signed copy of Peter’s new book. Enter the contest in the comments below, on Facebook or tweet us @petersgreenberg (remember to include #newrulesoftheroad).