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Radio Guest List–Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong–January 7, 2012

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Discover Hong Kong’s best-kept secrets straight from local writers, culinary experts and artists as they share with Peter their favorite spots and why they choose to call Hong Kong home.

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Featured Guest List:

John Slosar, chief executive of Cathay Pacific, discusses airline trends and the huge growth in Asia travel.

Douglas Young, creative designer Goods of Desire Company, explains the company’s concept, history and relationship to Asian culture and lifestyle.

Sarah Janssen, senior editor of The World Almanac and Book of Facts, talks about the travel highlights in the Almanac.

Michael Lynch, CEO of West Kowloon cultural district, covers the district’s community and cultural aspects and talks about what the place has to offer to both tourists and residents.

Josef Woodman, author of Patients Beyond Borders, discusses the growth of accredited medical-tourism hospitals and how affordable medi-hotels can be for Americans.

Piera Chen, author of Lonely Planet‘s guides to China, Hong Kong and Macau, talks about her life as a local in Hong Kong.

Simon Cooper, president and managing director of Asia Pacific, talks about his latest travels, positive and negative experiences living in Asia, and recent travel trends.

Doug Mack, author and travel writer at World Hum, discusses when not taking a picture is the real prize.

Peter Find, executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, speaks about food, his favorite menus, Hong Kong’s culinary style and his inspiration for his dishes.

Nate and Mary Kate Tate, authors of Feeding The Dragon: A Culinary Travelogue Through China with Recipes, talk about their obsession with Chinese food, their travels and where they have been, how the best food is made, and their favorite recipes.

Tisa Ho, executive director of Hong Kong Arts Festival, gives insight on the festival’s history, how locals celebrate it, and how travelers can navigate the scene.

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