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Travel Contest

Part 2: Be a Contributor Contest

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Thank you for your submissions! We had an overwhelming response to our contest to be a travel contributor! Your 2012 bucket list destinations are diverse and there is definitely something for everyone; whether Asia, Europe, South America or right here in the States, the submissions are full of great places to travel to see and do all things local!


Many of your bucket lists had the same destinations–Bolivia for example, for its high-altitude salt flats and Egypt to see the Pyramids and the Nile. Of course, France and Italy are popular choices for wine tastings and tours. However, Heather T. was the only one to cite a destination way off the beaten path; Chernobyl – for its deafening silence! Many submissions named places of interest right on American soil too, like New Orleans for Cajun food and festivals, Alaska for the glaciers and even Providence, RI, Julie B.’s answer to an “un-exotic” locale. Hannah K. wants to hang glide in Kitty Hawk, NC – the site of the Wright Brothers’ famous flight!


Here’s the complete bucket list: 

Week two assignment:

Look at the bucket list destinations, and tell us one off-the-brochure activity you can do there. But here’s the catch, you can’t write about one of your recommendations.

Participate each week for the best chance to win and become our next travel correspondent. Click here to see the first week’s rules and contest details.