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Travel Tip: Cruise Passenger Rights

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You’ve heard of airline passenger rights, but what about cruise rights? If a cruise doesn’t live up to what you expected, what are you owed?

The short answer is, not much. Most cruise lines have a contract of limitations that states they can change the itinerary for any reason if there is a safety concern.

That includes bad weather, illness, civil unrest at your port, or even a mechanical failure. Yes, that last one is the cruise line’s fault, but they’re still not obligated to stick to the itinerary you paid for.

Depending on the situation, they can swap in a different itinerary, or remain at sea for the duration of the cruise.

Now, what if you’re injured? The burden of proof is on you, but if you do have a legitimate claim, don’t wait. Notify the cruise line immediately and if you’re filing a lawsuit, file within a year in the state where the cruise line is based (not in the state where you live)

And get this: Most cruise contracts release them of liability if you’re injured on board using its athletic or recreational facilities, or on a shore excursion.

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