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Travel Tip: Summer Driving Tips

It’s summer and the open road is calling.

But before you head out on that road trip to the beach or mountains, make sure your car is prepared for the journey.

Before going anywhere, have you tires inspected. The harsh elements of the winter months can wear down tread, and fluctuating temperatures in spring can leave you with deadly air bubbles and low tire pressure.

Also, as you’re packing up, think about the stress on the car.

You can save significantly on gas by cutting down on weight. Every 100 pounds cuts fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent.

If you’re not in a rush, don’t speed.

Forcing the car to speed in the summer heat puts extra strain on the engine. Slowing down could prevent a breakdown.

Plan on driving through a unpopulated area? Make sure to bring the essentials, like extra coolant, a spare tire and a jack, because you never know when or where these could come in handy.

And believe it or not, technology sometimes fails us. Bring along hard copies of maps and directions in case your GPS or cell phones are out of service.

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