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Radio Guests – May 15, 2010 – Santa Barbara, CA

Locations in this article:  Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara County Courthouse - Santa Barbara, CA This Saturday, May 15, 2010, Peter will be coming to you from the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California. Featured guests include:

Sean O’Neill, senior editor for, shares six lessons learned from being stranded by the Icelandic volcano;

Barney Brantingham, columnist for the Santa Barbara Independent, talks about his favorites places to grab a beer or a cup of coffee in Santa Barbara;

Seth Stevenson, author of Grounded: A Down To Earth Journey Around the World, explains why it’s okay for travel writers to say they hate a place;

Shaun Tomson, former world champion surfer and chairman of the advisory board for The Surfrider Foundation, tells us what we can do to minimize our environmental impact when we travel;

Kitty Bean-Yancey, USA Today travel columnist, updates us on how Gulf Coast tourism has been affected by the oil spill;

Cat Cora, Iron Chef and president & founder of Chefs for Humanity, discusses what her organization is doing to aid Haiti;

Doug Lansky, author of The Titanic Awards: Celebrating the Worst of Travel, announces this year’s winners of the worst in travel;

Michael Redmon, director of research at the Santa Barbara Historical Society, speaks about the developments of the tourism industry in Santa Barbara.

Roger Durling, executive director at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, informs us about the film festival’s legacy, and how it has grown and changed over the years;

Nicole Hockin, of the Travel Smart Blog, reveals travel trends and tips for summer;

Michael Cohen, founder and chief executive of the Santa Barbara Adventure Company, gives his Santa Barbara travel recommendations.

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