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Finding the Right Island Vacation

If you’re spending your hard-earned dollars on an island getaway, it’s a good idea to pick a place that fits your style. And trust me, each island has its own personality.

If you’re a gambler, be aware that there are no casinos on some Caribbean islands like St. Barts, and the U.S. Virgin Islands only has one casino, on St. Croix.

Instead, head to islands like the Bahamas or Aruba.

In French Polynesia, you might be surprised to learn that Tahiti has somewhat of an urban vibe, with nightlife and shopping.

If you want to get away from it all, you’re better off in nearby Bora Bora.

Jamaica’s southwest coast tends to be more laid back, less developed and has fewer amenities than the more touristy northwest coast.

Don’t rely on the destination’s brochures and Web sites—they won’t tell you the whole story.

Instead, check out user-generated review sites like and And, of course, talk to a human being.

Call up hotels in your destination to find out what types of guests they tend to get. Is it families? Seniors? Honeymooners?

After all, what’s worse than being surrounded by a beach full of screaming kids while you’re trying to enjoy your honeymoon?

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