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Japanese Airline All Nippon Airways to Offer Women-Only Toilets

Bathroom signs - All Nippon's women-only restroomsStarting next month, Japan’s All Nippon Airways will assign one lavatory on most international routes to be used exclusively by women.

Airline officials say that this move comes in response to numerous requests.

A recent survey also showed that 90 percent of women polled were in favor of the idea.

The toilet would be available to women from all classes. Men would also be allowed to use the women-only restroom in the event of “emergencies” or when there were “very few” female passengers on board.

Apart from new signs, there will be no differences between ladies’ rooms and other lavatories—although they are considering giving the women-only restrooms special soaps.

All Nippon Airways apparently takes restrooms and bodily functions very seriously. The carrier recently requested that all their passengers make bathroom pit stops before boarding their flights so that they could fly with less weight and better fuel efficiency.

What do you think? Would you like to see more carriers designate lavatories specifically for women?

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