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Video Travel Tips: Cheaper European Travel & Are City Cards Worth It?

Cash in handWith the dollar sinking against the euro, international travel to Europe can be pricey.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Get some great tips on making international travel less expensive. 
The euro may be beating up on the dollar, but remember that not all places in Europe actually use the euro.

Check out Peter’s AARP video tip for some great alternative destinations with all the culture, history and fun of Europe, without the inflated prices.

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Aside from choosing a less expensive destination, one way to make your stay in a foreign city cheaper is what are commonly called “city cards” or “tourist discount cards.”

The basic idea is that travelers pay a flat fee and then are entitled to free or discounted transportation, attractions and museums.

It can be a really good idea–but with some cards, it’s tough to get your money’s worth.

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