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Cigarette Smoking Now Allowed on Ryanair, Sort Of

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European smokerRyanair has announced that it will allow passengers to smoke on flights—if they use the airline’s new brand of “smokeless cigarettes.”

For the past 20 years it has been illegal for passengers to light up on commercial flights.

Now, though, Ryanair is not only allowing these new types of cigarettes, but is selling them onboard. 
However, the new “cigarettes” are odorless, smokeless, and do not need to be lit, according to Stephen McNamara, spokesman for the European budget airline.

The smokeless cigarettes are designed to have the same look and feel as a real cigarette. McNamara hopes the act of holding it and inhaling a small amount of nicotine will help smokers get through longer flights.

Ryanair’s last stunt was Ryanair Contemplating Charging for Toilet Use.

Cigarette buttThe company claims their smokeless cigarettes contain no toxins or chemicals and are harmless to the user and those around them.

“They cause no discomfort to other passengers and can ensure a more enjoyable and stress-free flight for all passengers as non-smokers will no longer have to cope with moody smokers in need of nicotine,” said McNamara.

Ryanair passengers will be able to purchase a pack of 10 smokeless cigarettes for €6, or roughly $9, as part of a month-long trial.

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