August 29, 2009: San Antonio, Texas

On August 29, 2009, Peter is broadcasting from the Pesca Restaurant at the Watermark Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Featured guests include:

One of the few guests who’s been somewhere Peter hasn’t, astronaut Buzz Aldrin will discuss his new book, Magnificent Desolation; The Long Journey Home from the Moon.

Steven Schauer of the San Antonio River Authority discusses the expansion of the city’s famed River Walk and long-term revitalization efforts for the San Antonio River.

Lonely Planet editor Robert Reid fills us in on why Martha’s Vineyard is a great vacation spot for the Obama family.

Local historian Maria Watson Pfeiffer explores the city’s long, colorful history.

Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal will talk about who’s really to blame for tarmac delays.

Shelley Grieshaber, Director of Education at the Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio, discusses the flavors of San Antonio.

Freelance journalist Eric Weiner talks with Peter about his latest article on WorldHum, entitled “A Traveler’s Fine Whine” about how to complain effectively.

Paula Owen, Director of the Southwest School of Art and Craft, will tell us where to go for arts and entertainment all around town.

The online editor for Budget Travel, Sean O’Neill, will discuss the new federal law regulating maximum baggage size.

The former travel editor of the San Antonio News-Express, Tracy Barnett, offers a local perspective on the city’s hidden treasures.

Outside Editor Thayer Walker will talk about his new article about a Bolivian animal-rehab center.

Author Bonnie Tsui explores ethnic neighborhoods in American Chinatown: A People’s History of Five Neighborhoods.

You can listen to the shows online here:

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