Hiking With Outdoor Experts

If you’re headed to a destination known for its great hiking opportunities, why not get the most out of your experience and bring an expert along?

In Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, an overnight package is available in the summer. That includes hotel accommodations and day-long hike with a Shenandoah Mountain Guide.

They’ll teach you the basic outdoor skills and help you identify native plants and flowers.

At Glacier National Park in Montana, there are Glacier Guides who take visitors on day-long nature hikes every Tuesday in July and August.

Outdoorsy destinations like Colorado have plenty of free and low-cost programs available.

For example, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies offers a free, guided mountain walk five times a day in the summer.

And don’t forget about the state parks!

How about a guided moonlight hike at Arizona’s Red Rocks State Park.

Chances are, if a destination’s natural beauty is its tourist draw, there are resources to help you get an education out of your experience.

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