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Cruise Ship Crime

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Now I don’t want to be an alarmist, but vacationing on a cruise ship doesn’t make you immune to crime.

Unfortunately, cruise ships are still not required to report crimes and when you’re sailing in international waters, the laws get really fuzzy, which makes it even more important to protect yourself.

Behave on a cruise ship the same way as if you were in a hotel: become aware of your surroundings and avoid isolated areas.

Never open your stateroom door to someone you don’t know or just met, whether it’s another guest or even a crewmember.

And what’s one of the most popular activities on many cruise ships?

What a surprise: drinking.

But the best way to stay safe is to limit your intake and don’t hang around people who are only in it for the party–and never leave a drink unattended.

If you do find yourself the victim of an assault, theft or other crime, let the cruise management know immediately and insist that it be logged and investigated properly.

If it’s not, file a police report when you get home and file a complaint with the cruise line.

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