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Odd But Useful Travel Gadgets

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Okay, by now you probably know to pack your wrinkle-resistant and lightweight clothes when you travel. But if you look around, you’ll find some pretty inventive items that were literally made for travelers.

Did you know that you can buy clothes with SPF built in?

One company called the Solar Protective Factory makes a whole line of UV-protected t-shirts, golf shirts, and swimsuits that will protect you from the sun.

If protection from the great outdoors is what you’re looking for, then how about clothes that have insect repellant built in?

Check out a company called Buzz Off, which treats all of its clothing with repellant.

Best of all, it doesn’t smell and they claim that the repellant lasts through 25 washings.

Now you’ve heard of reversible clothes to save space, but how about convertible clothes?

Columbia Sportswear makes travel pants that unzip at the legs so they quickly turn into shorts.

And then of course, there’s my old favorite, disposable underwear.

Hey, if it means saving space in your luggage on the way back, why not?

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