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First, don’t forget to check PeterGreenberg.com on Monday when we’ll have clips of Peter’s CBS segment on The Early Show, where he talked about affordable national and state parks to visit this summer. And tune in first thing on Monday when he’ll be discussing the boom in intercity bus travel around the country.

First aid kitAlso, on MSN Travel, Peter tells you how medical tourism can save you a bundle, as long as you take appropriate precautions. Click here to read all about it.

And in last Sunday’s Parade magazine, Peter celebrated the accomplishments of America’s volunteer firefighters. Click here to read more.

Pamplona’s popular bull-running festival turned out to more violent than usual this year, as one person was killed and at least 11 others seriously injured, prompting calls for the event to be limited or even banned. Click here to read what happened at this year’s event.

A Canadian man finally got some resolution to an airline dispute after putting his grievance into song and posting it on the Web. In United Breaks Guitars, Passenger Gets Revenge on YouTube we tell you about Dave Carroll’s attempt to get a refund and how it made him an Internet celebrity.

The average travel experience often includes a delay or two, as weather, traffic and mechanical problems cause trips to grind to a halt. In Turtles on the Tarmac Cause Delays at JFK Airport we tell you how some of the slowest creatures on Earth brought air traffic to a crawl at one of the nation’s busiest airports.

Clear Registered TravelerThe CLEAR preferred traveler program’s abrupt shutdown last week means that hundreds of members are now left with little prospect for getting a refund. Peter discusses this and the problems with frequent-flier programs in his latest blog post, CLEAR Traveler Program, Outrageous Airline Fees and Celebrating America.

Boeing’s much-anticipated 787 Dreamliner was originally supposed to debut almost two years ago, but technical glitches and supply-chain failures have beset the company and led to at least five delays. In Boeing Hopes to Buy Its Way to Greater Efficiency by Purchasing Troubled Supplier we tell you about the deal that may finally speed up the production lines.

Bostonians are getting a glimpse back in time this week as powerful Atlantic winds push a fleet of about 40 historic ships into harbors all around the city. In Boston Prepares for Fleet of Tall Ships we give you details on where and how to see the show, and why it almost didn’t happen.

A traveling mom is hard to please, and Margot Black knows what she wants. She took her family to Loews Regency Hotel in New York with high expectations, and went straight to work Putting Concierge Services to the Test.

JoggerIt’s easy to gain weight while on vacation, considering the temptation to overeat and the difficulty in staying on track with an exercise program. In Travel Diets: Balancing Your Calorie Checkbook While on the Road, Annette Lang weighs in on how to balance the number of calories going in with those going out.

Bet you didn’t know that this is probably the best summer in a decade to visit Europe. Why? The deals are incredible and the crowds are pretty thin. In August Deals in Italy are Hotter Than Ever Dream of Italy’s Kathy McCabe fills us in on why this August may be a better time to visit Italy than you think, and she offers a special deal for new subscribers.

Air travel can be a real adventure these days. Factor a disability into the equation, and the potential for a mis-adventure increases. In Updated Travel Law Improves Accessibility for Disabled/Handicapped Travelers expert Candy Harrington examines the latest updates on the Air Carrier Access Act and how it affects travelers.

Group bikingAs the Tour de France heats up across the pond, Charlotte Safavi recalls watching the 13th stage of the Tour in Nimes last summer. In Touring France and the Tour de France she describes her transformation from novice to enthusiastic sports spectator.

The resorts that hold the greatest appeal for families are those with a wide range of activities to keep the rugrats busy. In Kids’ Clubs and Activities: Top Tips and Summer Deals Amie O’Shaughnessy advises parents on what to consider when choosing a resort, and gives her evaluation of a few specific properties.

On Saturday Peter broadcast his radio show from the just-reopened Roosevelt Hotel which has been restored to its former glory. Read all about it and what the locals have to say about their historic city in Ask the Locals: New Orleans.

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