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Memo From Paris: Luxury Hotels At Discount Prices

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Hotel signI know I’ve told you a little about the Hotel Powers in my postcard, but now I have the low-down on the four hotels in the group and their guaranteed USD rates and they are so exciting that I had to write a little note.

Also, I have asked to see the “worst” room in the hotel … and since it is fabulous, I feel safe in sharing this for summer travels.

Trust me on this, you want room #55 in the Hotel Powers.

The Powers Hotel Group has four hotels, the one I stayed in—the poor man’s George V—is the Hotel Powers ( for $350 a night for a fabulously large and airy room.

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Powers Hotel roomThe same dollar rates are used at the Hotel Claridge, across the street.

There are two other hotels—one is deeper into the 16e, with a view of the Tour Eiffel called, appropriately enough, Hotel Plaza Tour Eiffel (rooms begin at $245 USD!) and then the new boutique hotel, Hotel le Senat, on the Left Bank near Luxembourg Gardens just up from the Odeon metro stop.

Rooms here, which are a little small, start at $225. Rates are per room, per night and include full buffet breakfast, taxes and free Wi-Fi as well as all the Bulgari soap amenities you can stash.

Now then, this is important to note—rates can be paid in USD with cash or travelers cheques in USD, but if you pay with a credit card—the rate will be shifted into euros per the bank policy and your card company will probably add a surcharge.

You can see rooms online or reserve directly through

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