Travel Health Tips For Avoiding Germs on the Road

Traveling where thousands of others have traveled before can only mean one thing: germs. The good news is that there are a number of small, easy to use gadgets that can help reduce your chances of getting sick on the road.

Germ Guardian sells a mini light wand for about $60 that kills germs, bacteria, allergens, and mold by zapping them with ultraviolet light.

Now try and guess the dirtiest thing in a hotel room.

You know what it is? I do. It’s called the remote control unit for your TV.

With this in mind, a company called Zaplex invented a cover that can go over any remote control unit and is infused with an antibacterial agent.

Or you can just take a Handi-Wipe and wipe it off before you use it.

And we all know that airlines do not regularly clean airplane seats, which is why Travel Kleen invented reusable headrest covers for use on planes.

It puts a barrier between your head and whatever cooties are left behind by that other guy.

Starting to feel paranoid? Don’t. But it’s never a bad thing to be proactive.

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