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Kid-Friendly Museum Holidays

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If you’re thinking about skipping the museums while traveling with your kids you might want to think again.

These days you can make sure kids don’t get bored by involving them in a museum treasure hunt.

In Amsterdam the Van Gogh museum has developed its own treasure hunt for kids.

The way it works is you get a list of clues that sends them hunting through the museum.

Best of all, it’s free with admission.

If you’re heading to Florence check out, which hosts children’s treasure hunts at L’Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo il Duomo.

They cost about $330 for a group of up to 10.

And right here in the U.S. the company Watson Adventures hosts public and private in museum and other major attractions around the country.

We’re talking events like the “Art Attack” family scavenger hunt at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and a “Mad Science” family scavenger hunt at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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