Mumbai, India Radio Show – March 28 – Hour 1

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On March 28, Peter was live from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Tower in Mumbai, India.

Listen to the first hour of the show below.

The show’s guests include….

Raymond Bickson, managing director and CEO of Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces, will tell us how the Taj has been doing since it was attacked by terrorists late last year.

Get Peter’s take in his post: Why the Mumbai Attacks Shouldn’t Deter Travelers.

Charles Veley, The World’s Most Traveled Man, will share some tales from his travels around India.

Saryu Doshi, celebrated art historian and former director of Mumbai’s National Gallery of Modern Art, will talk about India’s dynamic art scene.

Aviation consultant Mike Boyd will talk about the latest air travel trends and give us the outlook for the airline industry in 2009.

Conservation architect Brinda Somaya will describe how her company has helped rebuild India’s poor communities in an eco-friendly way.

Shannon Stowell will talk about the book he co-authored, Riding the Hulahula to the Arctic Ocean.

Naresh Fernandes, editor of Time Out Mumbai, will give us the inside scoop on where the locals go.

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