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Exercise Gadgets for Staying Fit on the Road

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If you have a hard time sticking to your exercise routine on the road – and if you tell me you don’t, you’re lying – here are some ideas that might actually make your room more useful to you.

AquaBells Travel Weights are a set of weights that you fill up with water. When they’re empty they lie almost completely flat in your suitcase, and weigh only 26 ounces.

But once they’re filled up, they weigh in at 16 pounds.

A set of two dumbbells would cost you $60.

The Superband is a 3 foot long, half-inch-wide band – just think of it as a large rubber band. Loop it around the leg of a bed or a desk for stability and use your legs to stretch it.

Or you can take a trip back in time and get yourself a jump rope. Remember those?

It really is an all-over workout, working muscles all over your body and getting your heart rate up.

If you’re not the coordinated type, go for something called the ropeless jump rope.

Two battery-powered handles have balls at the end that spin around creating the illusion that you’re jumping with a real rope, without you getting tangled up in your hotel room.

I like that idea!

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