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2009’s Hot or Not for Travel Vacations

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HOT: Iceland
Visit IcelandWhat happens when a country experiences an economic meltdown? Great travel deals!

We saw it happen in Argentina in 2002, and the dollar continues to hold strong there. Now, the price of traveling through the land of Björk just got cut in half, so this formerly pricey destination is now the hot spot for 2009. And Reykjavik is only a five-hour flight from the East Coast on Icelandair.

Speaking of Icelandair, they’re offering some great incentive packages: the Winter Wellness Getaway is four days and three nights including airfare and hotel for only $699 per person through March 31, 2009. You fly from Boston or JFK to Reykjavik and stay at the four-star Loftleidir hotel, and experience all the healing and wellness treatments Iceland has to offer.

The Iceland Budget Getaway gets you to Iceland for only $479 per person, and includes airfare from Boston or JFK, two nights and breakfast, valid for travel through March. If you travel in April, the price jumps up to $679, which is still not a bad deal. Góða ferð!

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Photo courtesy of Visit Iceland.

NOT: Moscow
Moscow’s St. Basil’sSorry, Moscow. We love you and your onion domes, but according to Mercer’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, it’s the most expensive city in the world to live in.

According to Mercer, just a cup of coffee is going to cost you more than $6—and that’s not even Starbucks we’re talking about.

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