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2009’s Hot or Not for Travel Vacations

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New Year 2009Now that we’re (finally) settling into the New Year, the staff of took a look at the happenings of 2008 to forecast what’s hot—and what’s not—for the year ahead.

A stormy economic climate has put a crimp in travel plans for many of us, but there is also a silver lining: It’s now a buyer’s market out there, and travel discounts abound.

So when you do hit the road, you may find traveling is more affordable, less crowded, and an overall better experience … just watch out for those darned pirates!


HOT: Last-Minute Cruises

Oceania CruisesAlways wanted to go cruising? Now is the time.

It does cruise lines no good to sail with empty cabins. Most of their revenue comes not from the price of your cabin, but in “onboard revenue,” which includes specialty dining, photographs, gambling, shore excursions, etc. As a result, cruise lines are dropping their prices drastically, and finding an affordable, last-minute (under 30 days) cruise is possible!

In good economic times, you can expect to pay as much as $80-$100 a day just for your cabin, meals and onboard activities. Today, prices are as low as $35-$50 a day.

Check with the cruise lines directly, but also look at cruise consolidators such as GalaxSea ( and last-minute cruise Web sites such as and

Pirate flagNOT: Piracy on the High Seas

Piracy is on the rise. Historically, piracy hasn’t been a big problem for cruise ships, as lawless seafarers tend to raid cargo vessels and oil tankers.

But when Oceania’s Nautica was chased by bandits in speedboats in November, concerns grew over cruise ship passenger safety—especially for cruises that sail along the Somalia coast and the Gulf of Aden. But have no fear because statistically speaking, your risk of getting hijacked on a big cruise ship is lower than getting hit by lightning.

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