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Newseum Commemorates Historic Election in Washington, D.C.

newspaper.jpgWhether you’re celebrating or mourning in Washington, D.C. today, check out the new exhibit that the Newseum has planned to commemorate yesterday’s historic election.

The 10-year-old museum, which is dedicated to chronicling the history of news over the last 500 years, will display 100 election-related front pages from newspapers around the world at the entrance to its Pennsylvania Avenue headquarters.

The front pages from 500 more papers will be put on display inside the museum.

Every day the Newseum collects more than 600 front pages from papers around the United States and all over the globe for inclusion in its electronic archive. It also houses an archive of American papers going back hundreds of years. A temporary exhibit also accessible to visitors today will display front pages from past elections going back to 1892.

A spokeswoman for the museum said Wednesday morning that people were already crowding around the building to take pictures of the front pages. She added that traffic was so heavy on the Newseum Web site that navigating from page to page was considerably slower than normal.

The Newseum might be the only place you can go to read your local paper, since some cities are reporting that hard copies are hard to find. Many newspaper publishers ordered press run increases to handle demand from those scrambling to read the ground-breaking news—and save their own copy for posterity.

Link: Associated Content, Editor & Publisher, Newseum

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