This Week: October 4, 2008

Peter’s broadcasting from Fire Island this weekend.

FEMA spokesmen from Louisiana and Texas give us an update on how people are doing from Hurricanes Ike an Gustav – and how we can help.

He’s checking in with Sean O’Neill, editor of to talk about a new word in the cruise industry: disegalitarianism.

Jason Daley from Outside magazine introduces “The Big Idea – ‘Kill the Parks, Kill ‘Em All'” and explains what he means.

USA Today‘s Bill McGee helps us sort out bereavement fares and how much they’ve changed over the years.

Brian David Bruns, author of Cruise Confidential, offers an insider’s look at what goes on under sea level while you are sailing to your destination.

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Want to know why Danes are so happy? Scott Vogel of the Washington Post will talk about a recent survey that put Danes at number 1 on the scale of happiness, and what he learned on his recent trip to Denmark.

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