This Week: September 13, 2008

Locations in this article:  Los Angeles, CA

Peter is broadcasting from his favorite place this weekend … Fire Island!

Shaun Waterman, United Press International‘s Homeland and National Security Editor talks about the latest TSA No-Fly list flaws and how they affect us.

Then he takes phone calls from callers like you…

Freelance journalist Nick Wadhams talks about his article in the most recent issue of Budget Travel magazine: “Security Watch: Political Disturbances While On Vacation.”

TV producer, chef and writer David Latt calls Peter from Europe to share his latest adventures on the road, including a visit to Sofitel Heathrow Hotel.

Find out “What Auctioning Takeoff and Landing Slots Could Mean for Travelers” according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Scott McCartney.

Peter will talk with Dave Terry, whose family made the news when they discovered they had incurred a $20,000 charge on their laptop aircard!

Author/reporter, Robert Sangster gives us tips on how to best pick our travel partner … and it’s not as easy as you think.

Writer Peter Pae from the Los Angeles Times shares fun news from JetBlue and eBay and whether this latest promotion is a good deal.

And author Jonathan Miles talks about his book, Dear American Airlines, written from the perspective of a traveler stranded in O’Hare Airport on the way to his estranged daughter’s wedding.

He’ll chat with Melanie Bloom from the Coalition to Prevent DVT about deep vein thrombosis as a silent killer among travelers.

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