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Luggage Shipping Via Amtrak and Greyhound

Looking for a way to ship a package without the costly fees–or at least, with fewer costly fees? Turns out rail and bus services offer shipping, often at lower rates than FedEx and UPS.

On Amtrak, you can ship your packages to more than 100 locations: You simply drop your package off at a participating Amtrak station and the recipient picks it up in the destination city.

The down side is that certain items, such as artwork, breakable items and furniture are not accepted, and shipping will take up to a week.

Greyhound bus lines ships packages within one to three days throughout the continental U.S.

The cost varies by distance, size and weight, but in some cases, you’ll pay half of express delivery services.

For example, shipping a 50-pound box on Amtrak or Greyhound from Los Angels to Boston will cost about $52, while FedEx is charging $113 for its three-day express saver rate.

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