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When Amtrak Is the Better Travel Option

Locations in this article:  Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA

It’s true that Amtrak and delays are practically synonymous, but there are some cases when taking the train is a much better option.

I’ll challenge anyone to drive or fly between New York and D.C., while I take the Acela Express.

Not only will I win every time, but I can plug in my laptop, and my knees won’t be against my chest.

And while the flight time claims to take an hour, compared to four on Amtrak, getting to and from the airport, going through security, and dealing with flight delays can take the whole day.

The same goes for trips between Chicago and Milwaukee—I checked, and American Airlines is charging $400 … if you can find a non-stop.

Meanwhile, Amtrak’s Hiawatha Service costs about $22 one way, and it’s almost always on time at around 90 minutes.

As for driving between Los Angeles and San Diego—well, I’d much rather pay $70 for a 2.5-hour ride with ocean views, than being stuck on the Southern California freeways for the same amount of time.

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