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Suzy Gershman

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For 25 years, Suzy Gershman has written the popular “Born to Shop” series, now published by Frommer’s. Her most recent book, Where to Buy the Best of Everything, is available now. For more information, visit

Suzy Gershman’s Postcard from Beijing, China

Suzy Gershman’s Postcard from Paris, France

Suzy’s Postcard from Pescadero, California

Suzy’s Postcard from Berlin, Germany

Suzy’s Postcard from the Fancy Food Show

Suzy’s Postcard from Las Vegas, Part One

Suzy’s Postcard from Las Vegas, Part Two

Suzy’s Postcard from Seoul, South Korea

Suzy’s Postcard from Hanoi, Vietnam

Postcard to Peter: San Antonio, Texas

The Wares from Buenos Aires

Postcard to Peter: Suzy’s Bay Area Baubles

Postcard to Peter: Santa Barbara Shopping