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Gadgets and Gifts for Your Traveling Pets

Doggie strollerIf you’re like my pet-loving family, you hang an extra stocking over the fireplace or stock up on gifts for your furry friends around the holidays.

So how about really treating your pet with a travel gadget or travel gear?

Some of these items may seem extravagant—if not outlandish—but some pet lovers will go to extremes to pamper their pooch.

3-in-1 Pet Travel System
This travel gadget is perfect for when your dog (or even cat) gets tuckered out. Although it may seem a bit ridiculous to push your pup around, pet strollers are becoming more and more popular, and as you can see from the image (above), doesn’t Fido look adorable?

Clever in design, the stroller cabin detaches and morphs into a pet carrier, and with a reinforced back loop for seat belts, the pet carrier transforms into a car seat. The comfy removable fleece pad will keep your pet warm and cozy as you’re toting it around on your grand travels. If your pup is too macho for pink, the stroller also comes in blue. It can carry up to 15 pounds and conveniently folds down for traveling ease.
Company: In the Company of Dogs

Bark’n Boots Grip Trex
Dog Boots If you and your dog are avid hikers, this one may be for you. Some owners fear their dog’s paws might get injured on sharp objects or that they might even slip and fall on slippery slopes. Try fitting your dog with Bark’n Boots Grip Trex.

The upper part of the boot resembles the typical flexible design of human shoes, and the high-performance sole protects its paws by reducing abrasions. The mesh fabric offers comfort and is breathable, and the high-grip, high-traction sole will help keep your pet stable.

And during snowy weather, the boots keeps frostbite away from your friend’s paws. Since the boot has a non-marking sole, Fido can even wear his shoes indoors. Sizes range from XXS to XXL, and the boots are available in red and blue. $59.95
Company: Ruffwear

Dog Pulling Scooter
Dog ScooterInstead of investing in a Segway and leaving your dog behind, why not consider the Dog Pulling Scooter? Invented and designed by Mark Schuette, this scooter puts your dog behind the steering apparatus (unlike dog sledding), which allows you precision steering and control of your dog. Its stable and easy-to-ride design is suitable even for kids and elderly folks. This travel-friendly scooter weighs about 35 pounds and breaks down for easy carrying. The outrigger bar is on right side, so your dog can trot on grass patches and away from car traffic. Schuette also recommends getting dog booties (see above).

What if you don’t have a dog? Schuette reports that some have customers actually have used goats, sheep, and miniature horses—oh my! The smallest animal he recommends using should be no less than 35 pounds, and on average, a dog can last about 15 minutes before taking a break (this is taking into consideration that the weather 70 degrees or less). With additional outrigger bars, up to three dogs can be used. If you’re concerned about your dog straining and hauling a lot of weight, a 100-pound dog, for example, actually is pulling about 4-5 pounds. For a 180-pound person, you would need a dog about 80 pounds.
Starting at $250
Company: Dog Powered Scooter

Ionic Bath Pet Brush
Ionic Brush When traveling with your pet, it can be quite a hassle to find a place to bathe it, so what’s an owner to do? Rid your pet of that doggie or kitty-cat smell in just a few minutes with the Ionic Bath Pet Brush.

With its no-water-necessary patented technology, the brush creates Ionic Conditioning positive ions, which neutralize odors. For a soft, shiny, and odor- and tangle-free coat, simply brush your pet. Although the brush is a little bulky, it certainly saves on time, and mess, when you don’t have time for a bath.
Company: Sharper Image

Fold’nGo If you’d rather keep your dog out of your hotel bed but want it to sleep comfortably, the Fold-n-Go is a dog mat is convenient for travel and almost is as comfy as your bed. Unlike thin roll-up mats, this mat is three-inches thick with three panels that fold together, and the strap that secures the mat doubles as a four- to seven-foot clip-on leash with a handle loop.
Company: Bowsers

Posh Pet Dinettes
dinette.gifIf your dog is like mine, it only will drink out of its own bowl. Petar Frease creates handmade Posh Pet Dinettes out of recycled wood or plastic that hold your pet’s food or drink bowl, and there’s even space to store its treats. Although the dinette won’t fit too well in a suitcase, pop it in your car trunk for those doggie hikes or long drives because it makes for a well-deserved break. The dinette is available in a variety of sizes and stain colors, and it even can be customized to your—or your pet’s—taste.
Company: Petar’s Pets

Spring Jacket
Pet Jacket Harrods This over-the-top gem is for owners who crave haute couture and simply cannot travel without their dog bejeweled and decked out in trendy attire. It’s a “spring jacket” for pooches, designed by Vivienne Westwood for Harrods’ dog fashion show Pet-a-Porter. This super-luxe doggie accoutrement is encrusted with crystals. If this jacket doesn’t make your dog feel like the ultimate alpha dog strutting on a cat, er, dog-walk, I don’t know what will. Just hope your pet doesn’t romp around in the mud—or you may end up hunting for lost sparkles.
Starting at around $5,084
Designer: Vivienne Westwood

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