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Web Site of the Week: Miz Pee

Outhouse Bathroom ForestSure, every travel guide in the world will talk about places to eat and sights to see.

But not many travel guides talk about where you can go — to the bathroom.

But our tech-savvy travel pal Johnny Jet has found a Web site that will not only tell you where you can go, but how clean you can expect that bathroom to be.

Read on to find out more about this virtual outhouse-finder.

Uh-oh! Gotta go?

For those times when you get that sudden call of nature but can’t seem to locate a public restroom, just whip out your cell phone and send a text message to 415-350-2290, including your city and state info (e.g. “New York, NY”).

If you have Internet access, you can point your browser to

MizPee will then find the closest, cleanest toilet and even provide you with some entertaining reading material to enjoy once you get there.

How’s that for a Web site that does it all?

Johnny Jet can be found online at

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