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Save Money By Stopping Bills While on Vacation

Save money by stopping bills— such as cable and high speed Internet — while you are away on a long vacation. Here’s how to do it.

When you’re taking a longer vacation, you probably know to put a hold on your newspaper and mail.

But temporary service suspensions, offered for everything from your landline and wireless phones to high-speed Internet and cable, allow you to shut down your service– and those monthly bills– while you’re away.

Setting it up is as simple as calling your providers and asking for a “vacation service,” or, alternately, a “temporary service suspension.”

Monthly savings could reach into the hundreds, depending on your utility costs.

Often, you can set up the dates in advance, so when you return home, your utilities are on again.

Just be aware that if you come home early, you’ll have to make some calls to get your home services unsuspended.

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