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Travel Tip: Affordable Luxury in Apartments & Hotels

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Paris Notre DameLooking for a spacious suite in an expensive destination like Paris or Manhattan? Forget hotels — check out local apartments instead.

Most people know that apartments will usually be cheaper than hotels, but if you’re paying for a suite, the price disparities can be staggering.

To get 1,000 square feet of space in the heart of Paris, you’d have to pony up over $2,000 per night at the George V.

A nearby one-bedroom apartment rents for $550 per night and is actually larger. In Manhattan, you may get access to a butler with a deluxe room at the St. Regis, but a nearby apartment is about one-third the price per night.

And in Rome, a suite at the Hotel de Russie runs almost $2,300 per night, while a nearby two-bedroom is just $175 per night.

You may not get fancy services with an apartment, but you’ll definitely save a bundle.

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