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Ask Peter: Wheelchair Travel, Repositioning Cruises & More

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If you have a travel problem or just need advice before your next trip, then ask Peter. Every Saturday on Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio (click here to listen to the most recent podcast), Peter stops to address your travel questions.

You can talk to Peter at 1-888-88-PETER (1-888-887-3837) or email You can also tweet questions to @petersgreenberg (use #askPeter)

Peter will be standing by to answer your questions live, Sunday February 5 from 8 pm until 10 pm.

This week Peter offers advice on wheelchair travel, repositioning cruise, travel scams, cruise refunds, and dental problems when you travel.

Michelle in Miami, Florida asked: My husband needs to take his wheelchair on an airline. We are afraid if we have to check it will be damaged by having tons of luggage piled on top of the chair. How can we get the airline to protect his wheelchair or can we take it on board with us?

Peter answered: There’s no one answer for that Michelle, but here’s the rule of thumb: most aircraft with 100 or more seats are actually required to have space on board to store your wheelchair―not in the baggage hold, but in the cabin. Now of course the caveat there is that your wheelchair is able to be folded. If it’s a plane with less than 100 seats it’s going to go in the hold, but it’ll be the first thing that’s taken out and it’ll be brought up to you before you ever leave your chair on the plane.

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