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Travel Tip: Winter Sports If You Don’t Ski

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If you associate ski resorts with orthopedic surgery then, like me, you’re probably not a big skier.

But there are some new experiences for those folks who still enjoy winter sports, but not necessarily ones that involve skiing or snowboarding.

Hunter Mountain in New York has opened what’s considered the longest and highest zipline course in North America.

There are more than 4 miles of ziplines, the longest of which is 3,200 feet long and 600 feet off the ground.

You’ve heard of kitesurfing, but how about snow kiting?

At Snowkite Soldier in Idaho there are different programs for different levels—whether you’re a true beginner or a kitesurfer looking to transition into a winter sport.

Ever tried biking … on the snow?

Head to Keystone in Colorado for snowbiking or slope cycling at Adventure Point. Best of all, the equipment only costs about $25 a day.

Want to know the wildest winter sort I’ve heard of in a while? Snow golfing.

Author Rudyard Kipling is credited with inventing the sport, helped by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They painted the balls red to make playing a little easier.

If you want to make it a real travel experience, head to Gstaad, Switzerland for its big snow golf event in March.

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