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Travel Tip: Oddball Vending Machines Worldwide

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Travel Tip: Oddball Vending Machines Worldwide

If you thought vending machines sold nothing but candy bars and soda, think

Some places are making sure the journey gets a little more interesting with
oddball vending machine offerings.

Sure, you may expect to find pizza in an Italian airport. But from a vending

A company called Let’s Pizza can be found in Milan, Palermo and Trapani
airports. You pick the toppings, and the  machine actually kneads the dough in
front of you.

Leave your pants at home? The Standard hotels in New York, Los Angeles and Miami
actually have clothing in their vending machines—including Quiksilver board

And maybe you just remembered you needed … handcuffs? We won’t ask, you don’t
tell. â?¨

If that’s the case, you’ll want to go to The Mondrian South Beach where in
addition to razors and sunscreen, their vending machine carries gold handcuffs.

In the Czech Republic, you can purchase beer from a vending machine in the train
stations—the machine is equipped to scan your ID.

And if you’re in the market for a new iPod, Best Buy Express vending machines
are now in airports around the country.

Just remember you may not be getting the best deal, so don’t let boredom and
impulse shopping clean out your wallet.

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