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Travel Tip: New Study Abroad Programs

Locations in this article:  Barcelona, Spain

Students Learning From VolunteerI always say, “Never let school get in the way of your education.”

Well, these days, there are programs that get students out of the classroom, and into the real world.

This year, National Geographic Student Expeditions has new summer programs in Barcelona, New Zealand, and a community service trip in Costa Rica. Students aren’t just tourists.

They’re actually out in the field with experts, conducting research programs and photography expeditions.

This final project won’t show up on their report card, but they will have a chance to be published on the National Geographic Web site.

With Projects Abroad’s new water sanitation initiative, volunteers can help install water tanks, pumps and pipes at an orphanage in Bolivia.

This program follows the success of a similar project they started last year in Tanzania.

This year Semester at Sea started pre-college programs for 10th and 12th graders. For the three weeks participants can attend college-level lectures.

Even better, at each of the eight ports of call they will carry out pre-planned field study programs with their mentors.

Trust me, send your kids on an experience like this, and I promise they’ll come back with a new perspective on the world. I hate to say I told you so!

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