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Travel Tip: New Medical Technology For Travelers

Travel Tip: New Medical Technology For Travelers
If you’ve ever dealt with health issues, you already know that technology can be
a lifesaver. So why not use technology to help stay healthy on the road?  

A handful of companies have created apps for diabetes management, so you can
track your levels on the go.

But the drawback is most of them require you to enter the information manually.

However, a company called WaveSense will
soon have a system that directly connects your glucose meter to an iPhone or

Meanwhile, you don’t have to travel far to tap into the Mayo Clinic’s expert
resources. A smartphone application features a symptom checker, which can
determine whether or not it’s time to seek medical help. â?¨

If that’s the case, you may want to check with a service called iTriage, which works on mobile sites, the iPhone, and

Created by ER physicians, it gives users access to a nationwide directory of
medical facilities and pharmacies – with turn-by-turn directions to each one. My
favorite part: emergency room wait times!â?¨

And if you’re traveling in a foreign country, the Universal Doctor Speaker application helps facilitate
conversation between doctors and patients.

Users can simply choose a language and find a list of key medical questions and

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