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Travel Tip: How Safe Is Your Hotel Safe?

When it comes to leaving behind valuable, is it safe to rely on that hotel room safe?

Not really, so here’s what you need to know…

Here’s the deal: the innkeeper liability laws limit how much the hotel is responsible for items left in your hotel room–even if it’s in the safe.

Even worse, they’ll often charge you for the privilege of using that safe.

The amount varies by state, but you can usually find the exact amount posted on the back of your hotel room door or in another conspicuous place.

You’re better off storing valuables like passports in the front-desk safe. Confirm how much they’re liable for, and a get a written receipt of the items you’ve left there.

If you have to leave items in the room, like a laptop, consider storing it in a slashproof bag. Then use a cable lock that holds the zipper shut and secures the bag to a stationery piece of furniture.

But my advice: Leave the expensive jewelry at home and don’t leave wads of cash anywhere. You’re best protection is good old common sense.

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