Travel Tip: Health-Conscious, But Kid-Friendly Hotel Menus

Travel Tip: Health-Conscious, But Kid-Friendly Hotel Menus

Although it’s tempting to let the kids eat what they want on vacation, making
good choices is all about that: choices. And the good news is that some places
are even redefining what “kid-friendly” means.  

Traditionally, most kids’ menus have had three items: hot dogs, chicken fingers
and pizza.

But these days, a number of Hyatt locations have taken traditional kids’ fare
and given it a healthier twist, like turkey hot dogs and mini burgers with a
side of broccoli. As part of its Hyatt Kids Club initiative this menu also
features snacks like organic string cheese and carrot sticks.

Loews hotels has launched a campaign promoting seasonal menus and teaching kids
the importance of supporting local farmers and sustainable eating. You can even
find Loews programs like “Adopt a Carrot” or “Adopt a Tomato,” which includes an
interactive menu for kids sharing tips and information, and a packet of seeds to
bring home with them.

Destination Hotels & Resorts even involved kids when designing its menu. Chefs
were challenged to create healthy and creative items that were judged by a panel
of six kids.

The winning items are being rolled out in all of its properties across the
countries, including halibut sticks and a mango-orange smoothie. Talk about
kid-tested and approved!

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