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Travel Tip: Airlines Embrace Social Media

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Travel Tip: Airlines Embrace Social Media

If you’ve been paying attention to the social-media revolution over the past
couple of years, you know that it’s also found a place in the airline industry.
Here’s what you need to know about this trend….  

The latest news in social media is that Delta Air Lines is now allowing
travelers to purchase tickets through its Facebook page.

Now, the reality is, this booking feature isn’t really any different Delta’s
regular Web site, and they claim that private details are stored only with
Delta, not Facebook. But I can’t say I’m a fan of this latest trend.

There’s just no good reason to book a flight through a third-party application.

Still, social media can have a place in the airline industry when it comes to
sharing information.

JetBlue, Southwest and Virgin America often use Twitter and Facebook to alert
customers of deals, travel alerts, and new routes.

There have even been cases of customer service complaints being solved through
social media outlets.

You might remember how director Kevin Smith recently took to Twitter to voice
his complaints after being kicked off a Southwest flight. The airline paid
attention, and issued an apology…on its blog.

Does all this online communication mean the human element is being taken out of
customer service? Yes.

But the bottom line is as long as the problems are being resolved, that’s what
really matters.

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