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Travel Tip: 9-1-1 Abroad, International Emergency Numbers

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Do you know how to call for help in a foreign country?

The information is out there, but the important thing is to have it at your fingertips … when you need it.

You probably already know that 911 is not the emergency number in all countries.

In Australia it’s 000; in Russia it’s 03; and in India it’s 100.

Now, here’s a little tip that not a lot of people know. There’s actually a single emergency number across the European Union: 112.

It was established back in 1991, but wasn’t very well publicized.

In fact, even in countries where 112 isn’t the designated emergency number, you may be able to dial that from a GSM cell phone and have it redirected to the local number.

In many cases, that trick works if you don’t have any talk-time minutes or a SIM card, and even if your keypad is locked.

But that varies by phone and by country, so check with your provider to find out what your phone can and can’t do.

And as a backup, check the Department of State Web site which has information on the local equivalents to 911 listed by country.

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