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Richard Simmons’ Air New Zealand Safety Video

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Richard Simmons In Air New Zealand Safety VideoThe latest trend in air travel? Attention-grabbing in-flight safety announcements, and the jokesters at Air New Zealand are at it again.

This time the airline is trying to grab passengers’ attention with a lighthearted safety video, featuring neon spandex-clad ’80s fitness guru Richard Simmons.

The video shows Simmons and Air New Zealand staff, including CEO Rob Fyfe in pink shorts and a purple headband, demonstrating proper safety procedures.

The airline plans to use the campy new safety videos on its narrowbody aircraft fleets on Monday, and will begin showing it on the airline’s widebody aircraft starting May 1.

Most recently, Air New Zealand unveiled a similarly off-kilter safety video starring a streaking grandma and members of the New Zealand’s national rugby team.

By Adriana Padilla for

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