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Japan Earthquake Damages Tourism Worldwide

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Japanese Earthquake Damages Global Tourism MarketThe global tourism market is taking a big hit after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week.

The U.S. is feeling the impact of the drop in Japanese tourism. Japan is the fourth-largest source of tourists for the United States with 2.9 million Japanese visiting in 2009.

Japanese tourists spent about $13 billion last year, or about $4,400 per visitor, in the U.S.

Hawaii, a popular destination for Japanese visitors, has been especially hard hit. The Hawaii Tourism Authority announced arrivals to the state have dropped 17 to 19 percent compared to last year. Last year, the Aloha State made $1.93 billion off of Japanese tourists alone.

California has also been hit with the drop in tourists, since Japan is the Golden State’s second-largest market after the United Kingdom.

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In 2009, the visitors from Japan spent about $502 million in California, stayed a week on average and spent around $1,100 a piece.

Another tourism industry hit by the Japanese crisis and their own natural disaster is New Zealand. Japan is the country’s fifth-biggest market for tourists, attracting about 88,600 visitors and spending $320 million annually.

And the Japanese spend big in New Zealand, averaging $3,901 per person for a nine-day holiday. According to New Zealand’s General Travel Group, fully 100 percent of Japanese bookings have been canceled through the end of April.

Meanwhile, Australia tourism is seeing an equally bleak market, predicting that 100,000 fewer Japanese will visit this year.

Japan is Australia’s fifth-biggest source of foreign visitors.

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