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Flight Attendant Fired For Placing Baby In Overhead Luggage

Locations in this article:  Sydney, Australia

Virgin Blue LogoJust because a child might fit the necessary criteria for carry-on luggage doesn’t mean he or she belongs in the overhead compartment.

A flight attendant for Australian-based Virgin Blue was fired after placing a 17-month-old infant in a luggage bin. The flight attendant placed the child in the bin as part of a game of peek-a-boo, which was initiated by the boy’s father.

However, the mother, Natalie Williamson, did not feel that the incident was in good fun.

Williamson said that her child has been seeing specialists for anxiety disorder since the event three months ago. She said her child was locked in the bin for about 10 seconds.

Williamson, who has since estranged from the child’s father, said that her child becomes anxious and withdrawn when she is not in the same room as him.

A Virgin Blue spokesperson said the airline has apologized for the incident. The airline reimbursed the family for their flight from Fiji to Sydney, and in addition, offered three free airline tickets.

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