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Delta Lost My Grandma

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Delta Lost My GrandmaDespite TSA and Delta Air Lines security measures, an incorrect boarding pass sent an 80-year-old grandmother 226 miles away from her intended destination on Sunday.

Nefissa Yesuf was slated to fly from Dulles Airport to Atlanta, but allegedly was given someone else’s boarding pass by Delta employees.

Instead of reaching her destination, Yesuf, who is from Ethiopia and lacks English language skills, landed in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Yesuf’s family reported that they received a call from airport officials soon after, informing them that their grandmother had been found weeping in the baggage claim.

Yesuf was returned to her family later in the day.

The incident is currently being investigated by the airline and the TSA. TSA rules require that all boarding passes match identification documents like passports and drivers licenses.

Yesuf is a wheelchair user and allegedly did not get screened adequately when she was wheeled through security. Her family states that the name on the boarding pass was not even close to Yesuf’s.

This is not good news for Delta. The U.S. Department of Transportation recently slapped a $2 million penalty on the airline for failing to meet federal rules concerning passengers with disabilities.

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