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High Season for Travel Scammers

Summer is not only the peak season for travel, but it’s also the high season for travel scammers. 

The latest research reports that an alarming 28% of global travelers have fallen victim to a travel-related scam. 
And, these scams do not pull punches. About 25% of those who have been a victim of a travel scam have lost $1,000 or more. 
The report also states that young people are more likely to fall for a scam, since 18-29 year olds seem to be more dependent upon  — or addicted — to the internet.  
The most common scams are fraudulent charges made by fake travel sites, posing as well-known brands that come up first on internet searches. This is followed by malicious confirmation links, and when you respond, you’re directed to a site that steals your critical data.