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The Travel Detective

The Travel Detective: Season 9, Episode 2

This week on The Travel Detective: More than 100,000 people will come to Antarctica in 2024. That’s a record. And they’ll be coming to the coldest, windiest, and yes, even driest continent on the planet. But how will they get here and where will they go? I’ll be joining a special expedition as one cruise line sails in uncharted waters, mapping out a place that remains for all intents and purposes, virtually unknown. That’s our cover story. Plus, a real wake up call for some countries. We’ll tell you which ones are the most sleep-deprived. And then, it’s a city on the east side of San Francisco Bay, with a rich history, one of America’s best zoos, and a strong artistic vibe. Experience Oakland, like a local. All this and more on the next edition of The Travel Detective on PBS. Check your local listings.


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