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Ways to Help the Victims of the Morocco Earthquake

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco – centered in the mountains 50 miles outside Marrakesh – on Friday, September 8th. It killed over 2,900 people and injured 5,300. As rescue efforts continue, hundreds of people remain missing. Many organizations are stepping in to help the victims. Below is a list of ways you can help.


Disaster Response Emergency Fund

The IFRC recently launched an Emergency Appeal for 100 million Swiss francs in order to scale up the relief efforts due to the earthquake that shook Morocco. The Moroccan Red Crescent teams are communicating with local authorities on the ground, assessing the situation at hand, and providing support in whatever ways are needed.


Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center

Dar al Hijrah is a Moroccan mosque, located in northern Virginia. The Islamic Center is doing its part to help the people of Morocco as they recover from the deadly earthquake. Dar al Hijrah is raising money in order to send help to the country.


World Central Kitchen

The World Central Kitchen is a non-profit organization that aims to provide meals and water to those who are affected by natural disasters. The organization is raising money in order to provide fresh food and water for the people of Morocco.


International Medical Corps (in collaboration with World Health Organization)

The International Medical Corps is partnering with the World Health Organization to send relief to the country of Morocco as it recovers from the earthquake. The organization is helping provide medical equipment to the country and is known for administering lifesaving healthcare to areas that are affected by disasters, conflict, or disease.



GlobalGiving is a non-profit organization that helps connect areas in distress with support in times of need. The organization has a relief fund for the Moroccan earthquake as it attempts to allocate funds to other companies that can help in whatever ways are needed, including giving food, fuel, clean water, medicine, and shelter to victims.



CARE is a volunteer organization that is dedicated to ending poverty and helping people around the globe that are in need. They are especially connected to helping women and children specifically as the organization believes in inclusion and justice for all. CARE has a fund available to help the people of Morocco battle the earthquake disaster and the organization aims to supply emergency shelter, food, water, and health support.



Individual fundraising campaigns for earthquake relief with each different fundraiser targeting a specific group of people or individuals, or connecting to a specific aspect of the cause. Many people have uploaded their own GoFundMe in order to raise money and awareness for Morocco.


Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins sans frontières, is an organization that provides independent, impartial medical humanitarian assistance to those who are in need. Doctors Without Borders is currently helping the people of Morocco by providing medical care and equipment to the country while also raising funds for future help.


Operation USA 

Operation USA is a Los Angeles-based international disaster relief and development agency. The organization is ready to provide emergency funding to community-based partners on the ground in Morocco.