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Eye on Travel — Belize — August 12, 2023

Locations in this article:  Belize

This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel is from Belize. Peter will have all the latest updates on the devastating Maui wildfires, plus what one American Airlines pilot did about the rise in unruly, disruptive, violent passenger behavior. Zach Griff, Senior Reporter at The Points Guy, discusses why airline customer service is approaching oxymoronic terms. Christina Tunnah, GM of Americas and Global Marketing & Brands at World Nomads Travel Insurance, on how to target the right type of protection the next time you travel. And then, if you think Belize is just a diver’s paradise, we dive even deeper into the culture: Frank Tzib, Mayan hieroglyphic text expert, on the Mayan history of Belize and how they’re continuing the traditions and language through generations. Then, Martin Ack, explains how sacred cacao is to the Mayan culture. And Roxanna Lemus, Zookeeper at the Belize Zoo, on why it’s no ordinary zoo because here, the jaguars roam free and the visitors are — literally — caged. There’s all this more on this week’s Eye on Travel.


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